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1 to 1 Nutrition Coaching

If you're looking for more of a 1 on 1 approach, I offer fully tailored 1:1 coaching which will cover every detail of what will work for you and get you on a road to long term success with managing your nutrition. 

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What to expect:

  • Gold standard, evidence based nutrition coaching 

  • Full consultation to discuss current habits, day to day routines and an in depth discussion about your goals

  • Tailored nutrition strategy that works in line with your lifestyle and preferences, this will include:

  • Calorie and macronutrient targets as well as a mindful eating option for those who do not want to calorie count

  • A full analysis of current habits around nutrition

  • Investment in not only your physical health but also your mental health to create the best version of you

  • Detailed weekly check in via Zoom to ensure any changes that have been implemented are manageable and to make any further changes to plan

  • Supplement recommendations 

  • Access to recipe ideas to add some very tasty meal options into your week

  • Weekly presentations based on your goals; this may include:


  • How to prepare for a competition 

  • Performance nutrition

  • Female health and nutrition around training and the menstrual cycle

  • Behaviour change

  • Building a healthy relationship with food

  • Nutrition for muscle gain

  • Pre and post natal nutrition

I work with the general population who want to lose weight, everyday athletes that are looking to improve their own personal performances, athletes who are looking to compete to their full potential.

Healthy Lunch

"I've learnt to have a way better relationship looking at food as fuel but also to appreciate/enjoy it (even more so). I have learnt to take principles around calorie intake and feel confident in having balance and flexibility with foods I eat."


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