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Register your interest in my 30 day shred course by completing the contact form!


This is an educational, motivating and interactive plan that keeps you accountable for 30 days and gets you results fast!

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The 30 day shred takes out the confusion that comes from what you see on Google or in the media and simplifies weight loss for you in an easy to understand plan.

What to expect:

  • Gold standard, evidence based nutrition coaching

  • Tailored calorie and macronutrient breakdown

  • Be a part of a private group with fellow 30 day shredders

  • Weekly educational presentations on the following topics:

  • Understanding energy balance and how it is the key to weight loss

  • Behaviour change for long term success

  • Mindful eating, an alternative to calorie counting

  • Nutritional myths

  • Maintaining success after the 30 days

  • Weekly check in forms via google forms with personalised video feedback to answer any questions and keep you on track

  • Access to recipe ideas to add some very tasty meal options into your wee


"I've learnt to have a way better relationship looking at food as fuel but also to appreciate/enjoy it (even more so). I have learnt to take principles around calorie intake and feel confident in having balance and flexibility with foods I eat."


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